Why does this product make sense for current business owners or anyone wanting to start a home based business?

My name is Lance Gray and I am a business owner. As a partner of PixelPops Design, LLC in Dallas, Texas and through experience in another business I owned previously, I have become a professional "Story Teller.” I create commercials, corporate films, wedding videos, and many other creative, storytelling processes. Throughout my career I have not had access to "inexpensive" book publishing...until now!

The process is simple: 1) obtain a publishing account ($9.95 - waived if you purchase a book credit), 2) choose your book style and size, 3) design the layouts, upload the photos, and drop these photos into the pages using the Heritage Makers online system, 4) preview your book online, and 5) click “publish” to receive your library bound hard-back book in about 2 weeks, delivered right to your door.

How can I incorporate this product into my own business?

There are a few ways you can market Heritage Makers products through your business. You can create a book for your client and then resell it (up-charging for your design time), you can sell the client a credit to create their own book, or you automatically include a credit in the packages you offer. Studies have shown that once a customer publishes a book, they tend to make 5-7 more (imagine how that number will grow, as Heritage Makers was less than two years old when this study was conducted). Through the process of creating publishing accounts for your clients, you can grow a strong client base with residual business that can generate substantial income without any further effort on your part. The clients go to their publishing accounts on your website and enjoy doing the process themselves!

How can my video production company use this product?

If you are like me, you've created many video/photo montages over the years. With a slick Heritage Makers book, you can literally take the photos you already have designed for the client’s photo montage and create a book as well. It is a simple additional step with great rewards! Once the book and video are finished, you can buy a self-stick DVD holder and place the DVD inside the front cover of the book. The client now has the beautiful DVD video you created, but they ALSO have an awesome coffee table book which allows them to enjoy those memories easily… anytime, anywhere! Having such an innovative and amazing product to offer, along with your current services, will set you apart as the place to go for products which are unique and cutting-edge. Providing your clients with Heritage Makers products is great Public Relations. Offering this service, and the buzz it will create, can increase your business!

What's the cost?

There are two ways to include Heritage Makers in your business. You can purchase a book credit through me and I can assist you in the book-making process, or you can become a consultant yourself. By becoming a consultant you earn 20% on each order you place, in addition to the numerous benefits of residual income.

I'll be honest, I have NEVER EVER had any desire to become a part of any multi-level, direct sales, business...until I saw how good these books look. I won't sell soap, juice, or vitamins -- but the reality is that these gems sell themselves!

You can become a consultant for as little as $99. The smaller of the two business kits is $99 and contains a few sample books and a small selection of marketing materials. The larger “Demo Kit” is $299 and comes with a sample of every product Heritage Makers offers in addition to a large amount of business and marketing materials. The large business kit is a much better value when you compare the cost to what it comes with.

As a consultant, there is also a $49.95 renewal fee each year (included in your first year sign up). For more information be sure and check out the Heritage Makers website for all the details.

The best feature is that Heritage Makers stands by every product we sell and will replace and reprint any item that is damaged, lost or misprinted. This is found in the Heirloom Assurance Guarantee. Additionally, all of your projects are archived, FOR LIFE. Never again will you have to worry about losing your precious memories to disaster or other unfortunate, but all too common, events. This is a fantastic insurance policy, and it’s FREE!

Do you have ideas of who else might like this concept of storybooks?

These products are for EVERYONE! Here are a few ideas of places you can present these products: dance studios to show off all the kids in the class, schools, photography studios or videography companies, wedding coordinators, funeral homes, grief recovery groups, realestate agents can use them as “thank-you gifts”, etc. You are limited only by your creativity.

The reality is that I became involved in this process simply to create a book for my daughter, but I've now found that so many of my friends want to create books for their families, friends, and even their pets that I quickly saw the huge marketing potential. The ideas and avenues are simply endless.

What if I'm not a great designer?

No problem! Heritage Makers has many templates and designs and the process couldn't be easier. See TEST DRIVE to try out the simple and fast creation process.

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