Welcome to my website, MyLifeInPrint.com. I'm excited to show you some of the coolest products I've seen in a long time! Many of you know I am an Adobe Photoshop designer at heart where I've travelled the country teaching people how to use this amazing software, but that I also am a partner in my own video production and multimedia company called, PixelPops Design, LLC as well as Action Video Service based in Dallas, Texas.

Well, through the online publishing system found through Heritage Makers I am now able to show my graphic designs through storybooking and digital scrapbooks -- in other words, though I love video production, there is just something nice about a "tangible" object, like a book, to present my work (and my clients) work in.

Take a gander through the site (especially the gallery) and if you have any questions about purchasing books or if you'd like to become a consultant, feel free to contact me.

Lance Gray
Heritage Makers Consultant ID # 221829

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